Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Review: Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour & Highlight

Sculpting Contour stick in 01 Curvy Contour and the Sculpting Highlight in 01 Hefty Highlight.

If you're like me when a new contour/highlight product comes on the market its a very exciting time. Clinique has an extensive range of chubby sticks, for your eyes, cheeks, lips and now they've really upped their game and brought out ones for your highlight and contour! 

A Couple of years ago I had no clue whatsoever what contouring and highlighting was and little did I know it would become an essential part of my daily routine. As my makeup obsession grew I kept hearing things about it and was so intrigued. I first tried highlighting and contouring after watching Kim Kardashian makeup tutorials on youtube and I was fixated at the way you can add so much definition to the face by adding this process to your makeup routine. My first attempts at trying it out myself left me looking hilarious with a very patchy miss matched face (we've all been there). One thing that I learnt over the years is that the key to perfect contouring and highlighting it's keeping it looking natural. Personally, I love a cream based contour opposed to powder as it looks a lot more natural and blends easier, so these two sticks sounded so ideal for me.

The contour stick is a big winner for me, it makes contouring a quick and easy process and is ideal for when you're in a rush but still want your contour game to be strong. The highlight stick is also lovely, with its pearl-like shimmer that really captures the light and makes the areas to which it is applied stand out. The two used in combination with each other really add definition to the face and allow you to sculpt out certain areas to look less or more prominent. As they're both a cream formula on a stick it makes it easy to get a precise application and then they blend out so nicely. 

If you are new to highlighting and contouring these would be perfect for you as they are pretty much foolproof and are so easy to work with. These babies will be launching on the 6th February 2015 and retail at £19 a pop.

 Will you be trying out the Clinique Highlight and Contour Chubbies?

Faith x


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  2. I think I may have to try the contour stick! I've finally got the hang of contouring for my face shape and have been looking for a cream/stick product to try out for a more polished look. This looks really great, thank you for the review!

    Bethan | Thought from Beth x

    1. Thats alright :) Your right cream contours do give a much more polished look! xx

  3. I absolutely adore contouring and highlighting and I'm with you on that one, when I first tried it, I never knew how crucial it would be in my makeup routine either - I won't go out of the house now un-contoured & un-highlighted - these look really good and would be fun to try as ive never used a cream contour/highlighter before - lovely post!

  4. oh wow these r stunning!!!
    have to get them, do you blend out and if so with a brush or??!
    honest these look so natural!!!

    aliviaw.blogspot.co.uk x x x

    1. They work best when blended with a brush but they also blend nicely using just your fingers! xx

  5. Really wanted to try these as soon as I heard about them!! Would love to see what they look like when theyre on the face.

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  6. Love the look of the contour stick- I really like the effect of cream contouring products xx

    rosyannajane.blogspot.com // bloglovin.com/annatranter


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