Sunday, 13 April 2014

Top 3 Cleansing Balms

 My favourite way to cleanse is without a doubt with a good old cleansing balm. I've rounded up three of my favourites to share with you all. If you are looking for a new cleansing balm then I would definitely check out the ones below, as they are some of the best cleansing balms I've tried. I personally have quite dry skin and suffer from breakouts now and then and find these three all work equally well for me.

Clinique Take The Day Off

This cleansing balm definitely wins the title for being the most effective cleanser. It removes all makeup including those pesky clumps of mascara and does it all so easily and quickly. Only the smallest amount is needed to ensure your skin cleansed and makeup-free, leaving no residue on the skin. This cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin types as it is fragrance-free and so is unlikely to irritate the skin. Whenever my skin is going through a rough time, normally hormonal I tend to only stick to this balm as it is sure to not cause any further inflammation. If you prefer to have a more invigorating cleansing process then I would defiantly opt for the other two balms in this post as they are much more luxurious. However, if you just want to get the job done and remove every inch of makeup on your face then look no further than this wonder of a balm! At £21 for 125ml, this is definitely the most pocket-friendly out of the three!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

This is the perfect luxurious cleansing balm for skin that really needs a pick me up. Whenever I use Elemis products I always feel like I'm having a spa treatment, everything from the invigorating scent and texture of this balm sends your skin into heaven. You can't actually use this balm over your eyes so I often tend to remove my makeup with a millicillar solution (either Bioderma or L'Oreal) and then cleanse the skin afterwards. I don't tend to use this balm too often as it's more of a weekly treat for my skin but it softens, nourishes and removes face makeup and daily grime really well. What's also nice is that it can be used as a mask on the skin for 10 minutes to really give the skin a deep cleanse and treat. At £39.50 for 105g this definitely climbs up the price ladder from the Clinique balm so it is certainly more of an indulgent buy.

Jane Scrivner Nourishing Cleanser

This cleanser is described as 'beautiful skin in a jar' which isn't far from the truth. Unlike the other two, I only started using this balm around three months ago. Last year I read a rave review of this cleanser on Caroline Hirrons blog so I knew that I had to try it. This cleanser is for any skin type but I feel its works extremely well with my dry skin. It leaves my skin feeling supple and moisturised and really softens some of my dry patches. This cleanser is a combination of balancing, elastin and collagen promoting Organic Jojoba Oil, with beeswax and essential oils. What I particularly like about this product is that I recognise every single one of the ingredients which is always a great sign as its nice to know I'm not putting any unknown chemicals on my skin. Scent wise it smells very lush like, it has a very natural beautiful smell that makes the cleansing process so much more enjoyable. Out of the three, it is the most expensive at £43 for 100ml which I must say is extremely pricey but it is a awesome cleansing balm. I'm hoping the jar will last me a while!

I rotate between the three with the main one being the Clinique Take the Day off as it does the job so easily and after a long day all I really want to do is take my makeup off as quickly as possible and jump into bed. I hope this post has been useful for anyone who is looking for a new balm!

Faith x   

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