Saturday, 8 March 2014

Review: MAC Snob Lipstick

Snob has been on my list of MAC lipsticks I need to try for a very long time now. I recently did a little MAC haul so I decided that it should finally be crossed off. Snob is described as “light neutral pink” but to be honest it's more of a lilac toned pink. It's quite a powerful shade and if worn wrong could look terrible. When I first used this I applied a full coat to my lips and I looked like a barbie doll gone wrong. 

After that experience I've come to find that the best results with this lipstick are when it is dabbed lightly on the lips and combined with a lip balm, this leaves a really pretty more subtle colour on the lips and is much more wearable. Snob also works really well if you mix it with other lipsticks, I love adding a bit on top of my favourite MAC lipstick 'Faux' as its quite a dark nude so it brightens it up a bit.

As Snob is a satin finish it is quite matte but has a bit of added sheen so is slightly less drying on the lips. I was really impressed at how long this lipstick lasted on my lips, I only had to re-apply after 4 hours and during that time I had been eating and drinking!

Have you tried snob? Do you like it or is it too Barbie doll pink for you?

Faith x



  1. I agree! This lipstick wears really well. I love the colour, but I have to be carefull not too layer a lot on or it becomes too much!

    Kristen xox

  2. I've never swatched Snob instore.. it always looks quite scary under the bright MAC lights, but that swatch is really lovely xx

    Gemma //

    1. I know it's definitely one of my more out there lipsticks but its actually such a sweet colour! xx


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