Saturday, 1 March 2014

Review: Clinique Cheek Pop Blush

Clinique never fails to impress with they're new releases and the Cheek Pop Blushes are no exception. If your a blush girl like me you will be drooling over these blushes just as I am! Clinique describe these blushes as a Vibrant yet natural-looking cheek colour that gives a just-pinched look which I would fully agree with. So here's why these blushes are my current new love!

The actual floral design of the blush is beautiful, I can't get over how stunning they look. The three that I own have earned themselves a place in my coveted acrylic Muji drawers just so they are visible on display to gush over! However, they are not just a pretty sight they are actually pretty damn good blushes!

These blushes blend so easily and work really nicely into the cheeks giving you a natural flush of colour. When first applied the coverage is light, but the colour certainly builds up when layered onto the skin. Although they are powdered blushes they apply and look like a cream blush as they are so effortlessly smooth!

There are four colours that have been released, the following three with the addition of ginger pop which I do not own....yet.

Plum Pop - a sweet plummy pink with blue undertones
Berry Pop - a bright medium pink
Peach Pop - a warm-toned peach with slight pink undertones

I love all three of the colours and feel they are the perfect spring blushes so they will definitely have their fair share of use! I would have to say that Plum Pop is my favourite as I love a pretty pink on my cheeks at the moment!

I'm a massive sucker for a pretty product as you can see but they really are nice blushes! At £16.50 they are slightly pricey but you can really notice the impeccable quality with these blushes from their design to their formula. I will be on the lookout for any drugstore dupes as it would be great to get a similar product at a pocket-friendly price, so if I find any I will definitely let you know! But for those of you that can't resist go for it!

Faith x


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