Sunday, 16 March 2014

Lipstick's BFF

Hello lovelies,

Today's post is one that I actually wrote a few months ago and completely forgot to post! This is one product that has been a staple in my makeup bag for what seems like forever so I am glad to share such a great product with you all.

Lipcote was introduced to me by my Mum who is an avid lipstick wearer many years ago and to this very day, she applies this every day over her beloved hot pink lipstick. I used to never bother applying a seal over my lipstick simply because I thought it was a waste of a product but after constant frustration over smudged red lipstick and constantly finding lipstick marks over my clothes, perplexed over how they got there I decided to jump on the Lipcote bandwagon. At first, I hated it as when you first apply it feels quite stiff on the lips until it dries, however, I've grown to love it due to its amazing superpower of keeping your lipstick in place and for an extensive amount of time. The secret tip that my Mum also taught me is to dab your lips with a tissue before applying the Lipcote otherwise it literally goes all over the brush and ruins the clarity of the liquid.

 If you wear a lot of lipstick and are always getting frustrated by it not lasting long enough or smudging all over your face then this is the answer to all of your problems!

Faith x



  1. Just stumbled across and so glad I did! I've been wanting to try this for ages. My mum used to use this aswell :) Lovely blog, following :)


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