Monday, 10 February 2014

The Topshop Nude Lip

What a surprise, more nude lip products. I just can't seem to stop myself, this is now turning into a ridiculous obsession. I've always lusted after Topshop makeup as I've always loved their lipstick colours and the quirky packaging but for some reason, I just never got around to trying any out. This is mainly due to the fact that my local Topshop never has what I want and I like to try things out before I buy them online. However, I've finally got my paws on a few of their products and these are two that I've been loving.

The lipstick in the shade 'Nevada' is a beautiful peachy nude. The formula is really similar to MAC's lustre lipsticks and has a really creamy texture which I love. What's really nice about this lipstick is that when it fades off of the lips it doesn't leave a horrible residue but the colour gently washes away. One thing I would say is that it's definitely suited for fairer skin tones so I probably wouldn't wear it when I've got a load of fake tan on as it would probably wash out my lips and look like one of those white nude lipsticks that look awful.
 The lip liner in the shade 'Ceramic' looks slightly dark in the photo but it is actually the perfect match for my lip colour. It's great for enhancing and altering your lip shape and isn't drying at all which I find with a lot of lip liners.

Together the two create a pretty peachy nude lip which I will be wearing until I discover a new nude lip duo to lust over! Sorry, there are no photos of this on my lips but I spent the weekend curled up in bed feeling sorry for myself as I was poorly so I couldn't deal with putting any makeup on!

 Hope you've all had a lovely Monday! (if that's even possible)

Faith x

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  1. Lovely colour such a rich pigment :) I'm still searching for my perfect nude lip x



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