Monday, 20 January 2014

Current Base Favourites

I was thinking over the weekend of posts to do and I thought I would share with you my base favourites, so my primer, foundation, concealer etc that I'm loving at the moment. I've been using this combination of products for just under a month and I've loved the result that they produce together.

Clinique Universal Superprimer - This has been my go-to primer for quite a while now, I've been using it for a fair few months and I've really been getting along well with it. It creates a really smooth base for my foundation and my makeup always lasts longer when I wear it.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation - I brought this foundation a couple of months ago but didn't get along with it at first as it is quite full coverage and I was going through a phase of wanting a lighter foundation. However, around a month ago I had a horrible breakout on my forehead and really wanted a foundation that would hide it all so I turned to this one and it has really done a good job. I now alternate this one with my L'Oreal Nude Magnique foundation depending on how my skin is. Another reason I really like this foundation is that it lasts on your face all day and so I don't have to keep topping up my makeup. If you are looking for a new foundation that has great coverage but doesn't leave your face looking caked I would definitely recommend this one!

Collection Concealer - I've purchased so many of the collection concealers in the past and they're just such a foolproof choice. I buy the lightest shade as I use it to highlight my face as well as lighten any scaring I have from spots. Whenever I get a spot on my face it always leaves a mark on my face that doesn't go for around a week so I like to use a light concealer to lighten the dark mark.

Garnier Roll on under the Eye Concealer - I love using this concealer under my eyes, it feels so refreshing and covers up my dark circles. If I'm having a foundation free day I still like to use this product as it really brightens under my eyes and makes me look so much healthier and alive!

So there we have it my current favourite base products. As I said before this combination is working really well for me at the moment so I'll probably be sticking to this until the foundation runs out.

Hope you're getting through Blue Monday!

Faith x

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I'll have to check out those products!


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