Saturday, 28 December 2013

Review | MAC Lipstick in 'Sweet Sunrise'

This little beaut lipstick was part of my Christmas from my lovely sister this year. She knows me pretty well so she knew that buying me a nude lipstick would earn her a lot of sister points.

Although I own a lot of nude lipsticks they are all quite dark nudes and I would never normally buy a lighter nude as they can look awful, they remind me of my early teens when I would put foundation on my lips and think I looked amazing, oh how wrong I was. As 'Sweet Sunrise' has a lustre formula it doesn't cake your lips so although it's light it comes out as a pretty sheer pale pink. I like to blot my lips with a tissue after application which is why it doesn't look so glossy in the photo but you can build the gloss up quite a bit with the Lustre lipsticks.

It lasts for around three hours and doesn't dry out your lips which are perfect for me as in this cold weather my lips are constantly chapped and putting dry lipstick on dry lips is not attractive.

Sadly you can't buy this lipstick on the MAC website anymore as it was Limited Edition quite a while back and I'm not quite sure how my sister hunted it down but if you just type it into Google it pops up various times on different websites. I've also seen it on eBay a few times!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Faith x


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