Sunday, 8 December 2013

HG Products: L'oreal Telescopic Mascara

 It's taken me my fair share of mascaras to find the fairest mascara of them all and it's a good'un. L'oreal Telescopic Mascara, in my opinion, is the crème de la crème of high street mascaras and dare I say it beats many higher end mascaras as well. I used this mascara back when I was younger and loved it but I always thought there would be something better out there with loads of new releases so it really was left forgotten for a couple of years. Back in July before my holiday, I was on the hunt for waterproof mascara and so I brought the waterproof version of this mascara knowing that it would be good. I quickly fell back in love with it and questioned why on earth I had forgotten about this little tube of wonder that transformed my lashes. I then brought a non-waterproof version as I hate spending so long trying to get waterproof mascara off my lashes and I'm never turning back. 

The mascara really opens the eyes up and makes the lashes look longer and fuller. One of my favourite things about this mascara is that it doesn't leave your eyelashes looking clumpy unless you apply a ridiculous amount of coats. Instead, it separates the lashes and coats them individually making them look much more natural. The wand itself is incredible, it's almost like a comb which brushes through the lashes. It allows a really easy application, ensuring every lash is given attention.

As I rely on my eyelash curlers to give my usually straight lashes a curl I also rely on my mascara to keep that curl in which is exactly what L'oreal Telescopic does. Better than any other mascara I've used the curl is emphasized and doesn't slowly flatten down throughout the day.

This is a mascara you can rely on and although it's at the more expensive end of a drugstore mascara at £10.99 it's worth every penny. This is the Clean Definition version of the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascaras, I'm aware that they also do a false lash version which I would really love to try out, so if you've used it before let me know if it's any good!

Have you tried L'oreal Telescopic Mascara? Do you love it as much as I do?

Faith x


  1. I want to try this so bad!

  2. This sounds really good, I like a mascara that is able to give a long but nice and natural look to my eyelashes (I don't like clumpy lashes so I think this would be great for me!).
    Usually I stick to some Maybelline mascaras but I do like the sound of this one! Great review!

    Kathryn x

  3. I used to love the Maybelline Mascaras too, especially falsies! Thank you :) x

  4. I love this mascara! Definitely one of my faves! L'Oreal hardly ever let me down with their mascaras.

    Hannah x


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