Monday, 16 December 2013

Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel

 I'm one of those people that can't seem to stick to one cleanser. I'm constantly changing up my skincare routine, altering which cleanser I use each day. When it comes to cleansers I always love opting for Elemis' products. This Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel is the perfect winter cleanser. The formula is like a thick gel which feels so lovely and really melts into the skin, allowing a thorough cleanse. I quite like the idea of a gel cleanser, it's quite different and the texture feels really unusual yet satisfying. It has a citrus scent with notes of oranges of lemons which is gorgeous and smells so refreshing, it's not one of those citrus smells that's too overpowering.

It's a really luxurious cleanser which when massaged into the face feels so incredible! Once I have massaged it into my face I like to lay a hot cloth or flannel over my face and gently wipe it away. Although I don't think you are supposed to use this to remove your eye makeup I do. It takes of my liquid eyeliner and mascara so easily and doesn't leave any clumps of mascara in my lashes.

I started using this as just my night time cleanser but now I use it in the mornings as well. I've become slightly addicted to how it makes my skin look, it leaves the skin looking radiant and refreshed. I'm a huge advocate of double cleansing, to thoroughly get all of the makeup and dirt off of my skin, allowing my skin to breathe. I love using this cleansing gel and following it with the Elemis Tri-enzyme Wash which works wonders for your skin!

This cleanser retails at £19.40 on for 125ml. It's really is a gem of a product so if you need a new cleanser then look no further!

Faith x

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