Friday, 27 December 2013

Clinique Chubby Sticks For Lips

 Hello Lovelies,

Today I'm sharing with you my new lip obsession - Clinique's Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm aka Chubby Stick. These four are my current little collection with Heaping Hazelnut being my absolute favourite! Lipsticks have always been my most loved makeup products, I love them so much but sometimes it's nice to have a break from them. Wearing a tinted balm moisturizes your lips while giving them great colour. I've tried very similar products by Revlon and other brands but I've never got as such good results as these little beauties.

Why I favour wearing these on a day to day basis rather than a lipstick is that they feel so light on the lips. Unlike certain lipsticks when they fade they don't leave any horrible residue behind so your lips don't have bits of colour here and there which can look horrific especially when you don't realise its there and someone has to point it out to you! They don't last quite as long as a lipstick but applying them throughout the day is just like applying a lip balm and you don't need a mirror to apply it unless you have a very unsteady hand!

Now for the break down of each individual Chubby:

Whole Lotta Honey - When I first saw this shade I thought that looks like a horrible dark brown shade that I couldn't possibly get away with wearing. However don't let it's the exterior fool you, this is a darker toned nude that is so lovely!

Heaping Hazelnut - This chubby has earned itself a permanent spot in my handbag. It is the perfect 'my lips but better' shade that is perfect for everyday wear. It's perfect for when you have a heavy eye look and don't want to overdo your lips!

Pudgy Peony -Looking at this shade just makes me happy it is an incredible pink shade that gives the lips an instant pick me up and makes everything pop. If you are a hot pink kinda girl this shade will be right up your street!

Mighty Mimosa - This shade has been my least used but I think that's because I've been too busy obsessing over the other shades. However its a gorgeous cross between a nude and a light pink/coral shade. I think I will use this one a lot more in the Summer!

Have you tried Chubbies before? Whats your favourite shade?

Faith x


  1. I haven't tried a Chubby Stick before but I am tempted by the shade Pudgy Peony, it's so gorgeous x x

  2. They look gorgeous :) I've just bought Woopin Watermelon and looking forward to trying it out.
    Sweet Dreams

    1. I really want to try Woopin Watermelon! It looks beaut! x


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