Sunday, 6 October 2013

St.Tropez Instant Fake Tan

I love a good freebie and this month Cosmopolitan magazine are giving away this 50ml sample of St. Tropez instant wash off face and body lotion. I am a bit of a tanning addict, my skin is naturally so pale and I just like to have slightly darker glowing (not orange) skin. My favourite fake tan is the St. Moritz mousse which I use all over my body including my face. However, as I cleanse and exfoliate my face so much I'm often left with a white face and tanned body- not attractive! So as this fake tan washes off I thought it would be great to wear on my face to match up my tan. The colour is great, its very natural and blends into the skin really well leaving a slightly darker tint on the skin. It also washes off easily but not too easily that if it rains your tan will drip off of your face! 100ml of this product retails at £10 which is considerably cheap compared to some of St. Tropez's other tanning products. I've used lots of different wash off tan products before but this is by far one of the best! Definitely going to purchase a full size!

Faith x

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