Monday, 7 October 2013

Sleek Blush Palette in 'Lace'

This palette has been my go-to blush selection for a fair few months now. The blushes themselves are extremely pigmented and last on the skin for ages. The main reason I love this palette is due to the colours, they are a mix of matte, satin and shimmer shades that beautifully enhance the cheeks. Firstly, 'Crochet' is a lovely orange toned shade that works perfectly as an everyday blush. It adds a warmth to the face and it complements the skin really well. When I first brought this palette I thought I wouldn't use the shade 'Guipure' so much as I've never been a huge fan of shimmery blushes but as it turns out it's my favourite of the three. It leaves a gorgeous shimmer on the skin and when it catches the light it looks really beautiful. My least used of the three shades is 'Chantilly' probably as it is such a strong colour and if you don't apply it carefully you will end up looking like a dolly with bright rosy cheeks! However, it is nice when you dusk a tiny amount on the cheeks as when applied well it can look very natural. I've always loved sleek packaging as it is very simple and sturdy and keeps the product intact. The mirror in the palette is incredible as its rather big so it's perfect if you have it in your makeup bag on the go! Another thing about this that I'm impressed with is that it's lasting me ages, seeing as I use it every day it hardly even looks like it's been used! For £9.99 this is a great palette and is worth every penny!

Faith x

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