Thursday, 10 October 2013

REVIEW: Maybelline BROWdrama

BROWdrama, isn't that a great name? I walked past this a couple of times in Boots and Superdrug and was really undecided as to whether I wanted to buy it or not. Mascara for your eyebrows sounds like quite a silly idea yet it is rather clever. Over the weekend I left my favourite eyebrow pencil at a friends house so thought why not go against my initial judgement and give it a try. I sort of thought that it wouldn't give very much colour or definition as it is just like a mascara wand combing through the lashes however I couldn't have been more wrong. The wand is rather easy to use as it has a round section at the end which ensures that every eyebrow section is covered. It coats the brows with its gel formula and acts almost like a tint. What's great is that they look so natural as you can't notice any lines or marks on the surrounding areas like you sometimes do when you use an eyebrow pencil.

Maybelline describes Browdrama as a 'sculpting brow mascara' which it very much is. It sculpts and slicks the eyebrows with its mascara formula, making them effortlessly neat and tidy and throughout the day they stay in perfect shape. I recently got my eyebrows threaded but I feel like when my eyebrows grow out a bit more this may not be the best product to use but we shall see. I'm glad that I gave this product a chance as I do love what it does to my eyebrows and the effect it gives to them. I'm definitely ditching the eyebrow pencil for a while and giving this brow mascara a good whirl.

Have you tried brow drama? What are your thoughts?

Faith x

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