Saturday, 12 October 2013

Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil

For centuries Camellia Oil was the Japanese beauty secret for healthy nails, hair, scalp and skin. This oil is well known for its stretch mark prevention powers and supposedly was Victoria Beckham's go to stretch mark prevention oil during her pregnancy. I love multipurpose products which are why I'm in awe of this oil. Ok, so let's break it down and talk about the different ways you can use Camellia Oil.

Nails - At the moment I'm trying to grow my nails and for a girl with a horrible nail biting habit it's extremely difficult. As I've bitten my nails ever since I was a tiny tot when they do grow they're so weak and brittle they just break. I've been massaging this into my nails at night time when I apply my hand cream as it works so well at softening my nail beds and giving the surface of my nails a healthy shine. It has really put my nails in a much better condition and actually gives them the strength and nourishment to grow!

Hair - I never apply this on freshly washed hair but on about the second day after I've washed it I like to work this through the ends to give it extra shine and prevent split ends. Also at nighttime when I know I'm going to wash my hair in the morning I like to mix this oil in with my L'Oreal hair mask as it gives it an extra boost.

Face - To some applying oil to your face is a daunting idea, especially if you have oily skin yourself. I myself have combination skin and I often get random dry patches on my face often around my eyes and I find that this oil works really well to banish the dryness and moisturize the skin. For those who don't have oily skin applying this all over the face overnight really rejuvenates dehydrated skin and when you wake up your skin looks fresh and plump.

Body - Now that winters come around we often neglect our skin as it is undercover and we don't have to walk around in shorts and strappy tops all the time. However, winter always takes its toll on our skin and the transition from warm weather to icy cold weather often leaves the skin in a state of flux. Therefore this time of year is perfect to introduce oil into your body care routine. Oils are like the level up from body moisturisers, they give high levels of nourishment and protect your skin from the cold weathers effects. Personally, I don't like applying oil to my body every night but if used a couple of times a week you can really notice the difference in your skin!

100ml of Elemis Japanese Camellia Oil retails at £29.50 on the timetospa website but I've seen it cheaper on other sites so look around a bit if you want to purchase it!

Faith x

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