Sunday, 29 September 2013

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I've been a bit rubbish over the past few days with putting posts up as my family came down to London to stay with me and so I've been so busy and am now exhausted. We went to the Wedding Show at Earls Court on Saturday as my cousin is getting married soon so it was lovely to look at all the beautiful dresses and try free samples of cake! Then today I went with my cousin and her little girls to Buckingham Palace and I am now aching from walking so much. As a quick post today I thought I would share some lovely non-beauty things that I got over the weekend. The first thing I got is this bunch of fake peonies to sit on my radiator cabinet. Peonies are my favourite flowers but around this time of year, you can never find them as they aren't in season. My lovely Mum brought me these fake Peonies which are beautiful. I would normally hate fake flowers but they look so real and won't die after a week so I'm really happy with them. The next thing I got is a new book - I've wanted to read this book for years and I wanted a really easy going girly read so I brought Lauren Conrad's LA Candy and so far its really good, not exactly an intellectual or stimulating book but its a good one to read before bed! Lastly,
My Auntie brought me this really cute pearl Thomas Sabo bracelet with an F charm which is gorgeous! I have a whole week planned of posts and have some really exciting things to review so keep your eyes peeled. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!! 

Faith x


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