Friday, 13 September 2013

Sally Hanson Nail Polish

Sally Hanson is one of my favourite nail brands, if you haven't tried their gold nail growth varnish then you are depriving your nails. I've never really brought any of their coloured nail varnishes but I went into Poundland to buy sweets as you do the other day and saw these and I was like whaaat Sally Hanson in Poundland?!?! crazy. There weren't many shades but I liked the look of these two and thought even if I don't wear them that much they cost me a pound. I currently have the shimmery green one 'Gentle Blossom' on my toes and its gorgeous. I'm yet to try the white/stone one 'Ion' but I think it will be nice plus it normally costs around six pounds so whayhey. There's no pictures of my nails as they are in a disgraceful state at the moment and I cut my finger with a knife while cutting up a tomato so its just gross. Such. A. Good. Bargain. 

Faith x

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