Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Natural Collection Lipgloss in 'Caramel Shortcake'

 I don't wear lip gloss very often as I hate that sticky feeling on my lips and when my hair gets stuck to it and causes a palava. However, this lip gloss is the opposite of sticky and feels more like a glossy balm on the lips and the best bit? Its cheap as chips - £1.99. This lip gloss is one of the Juicy Lips lip glosses by Natural Collection - Boots own affordable makeup range. I love the shade 'Caramel Shortcake' as it is a pinky brown colour that is natural and a very wearable. I've used this lip gloss for around a year now and on days when I don't feel like putting lipstick on (very rarely), I always turn to this product. It's perfect for giving your lips a bit of a tint and shine and so much nicer than bare lips!

Faith x



  1. Such a sweet colour- really suits you! I like some of the natural collection range- its good for those pick-me-up treats <3

    Sarah-Jane xo


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