Tuesday, 17 September 2013

CoverGirl not so 'Lash Blast' Mascara

"Lash Blast' has been raved about for years by so many who believe it's one of the best drugstore mascaras, so when on holiday I popped into Walmart and hunted it down. At first, I was so excited about it as I'd never brought a Cover girl product before so I thought it was amazing. After using it for about two weeks the hype sort of wore off and I realised that this mascara doesn't offer a 'Blast' at all and leaves the lashes just looking natural and actually rather limp which was not at all what I was expecting. I think I wanted to love this mascara as it was so exciting to buy but it was just such a letdown. I also brought one Covergirl's double-sided creme shadow pens which had a great colour and I loved but it broke about 4 days after I brought it which really taints a brand for me. So to anyone that gets dragged into the Covergirl hype and really wants this mascara or any other product think again, its nothing special and quite frankly is a bit of a waste of money.

Faith x

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