Monday, 2 September 2013

Clinique's SUPERPrimer face primer

Face primers are an essential part of my make-up routine, they allow a fresh base for your make-up which helps the foundation and whatever else you may be putting on your face stay. These Clinique Superprimer primers aren't like your ordinary primer as they have dual qualities that benefit and enhance your particular skin type. There are five types of these primers all which address different skin types and correct their flaws. I've been trying out the colour correcting one and also the universal one which is for all skin types. I love the colour correcting one as I have a small scar on my face and also some other discolouration's which aren't always easy to cover up with concealer. I've found it leaves my face looking much more even and bright and combines brilliantly with my foundation. The texture is also really nice and unbelievably smooth that you can't stop touching your face to feel it. The primers I've used before have always been a translucent liquid that has always seem to just lay on my face but this product goes the extra mile and works with your skin instead of just sitting there.

Apart from the two I've tried there are four other types:

1. A Pink primer which corrects dull, lacklustre skin
2. A bronze primer which corrects ashiness and dullness
3. Lilac primer which corrects sallow skin, which is perfect if you have a pale skin colour
4. A yellow primer which corrects skin redness

Available exclusively from Selfridges (and Brown Thomas for Ireland) from the 6th August
Faith x

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