Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cath Kidston Travel Brush Holder

Whenever I have to go anywhere whether it be for a weekend or for a holiday I like to keep my brushes separate from my makeup bag simply because it's easier and keeps my brushes in much better condition. This foldaway brush carrier is absolutely perfect and so adorable. Not only does it hold seven brushes but it also has a zip-able compartment which can hold a number of other brushes. I love that it has a plastic cover that protects the top of the brushes and the case from getting dirty. This is the only print the case comes in online however I love floral designs and the case just looks so pretty. They also do a smaller brush carrier which is great if you only need to take away a few brushes and it has a cute lattice rose and star design. The case is actually part of a makeup brush set from Cath Kidston, so for £25, you get the holder and seven brushes. When I first got this I thought the brushes wouldn't be great but I've found myself using the eye brushes and the blush brush almost every day. This would make a perfect gift for someone or if you want to treat yourself.

Faith x

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