Friday, 13 September 2013

A peek inside my Bedroom

One of my favourite types of blog posts to read are room tours so I thought I would do my own to share with you all. I'm basically really nosey and love to see other people’s room d├ęcor and style. Before I start just to say this is in no way showing off or whatever its just sharing my taste in the interior with the world. Around May I moved into a new room which is much bigger than my old room so I was so excited to decorate and make use of such a great space. The colour scheme I chose was grey and white as it looks nice and clean, also they are also two of my favourite colours (I know rather boring).

As you can probably tell by the photos I'm candle obsessed, I absolutely love vanilla candles especially the ones from Ikea but my absolute fave is my Jo Malone candle 'Pomegranate Noir' it smells incredible!! In my old room, I used to have photos all over my walls but eventually, it made me feel rather claustrophobic so I prefer having photos in frames now and I have about three in my room. I brought my bed linen from John Lewis and my pillows are from Primark (the leopard print ones) and the rest are from B&Q. The smallest cushions were such a good colour match to the quilt cover and they cost £2 each so they were a great purchase. The chest with the TV on top used to be my mums which she gave it to me and my dad painted it with a white gloss and its great to store all my makeup and beauty products in.

 P.s. the model in the last picture is my little doggy Billie Boo! 

Faith x

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