Wednesday, 14 August 2013

REVIEW: Pantene PROV 2min Deep Shine Masque

Whenever I return from a holiday I always give my hair a little bit of TLC to ensure that it recovers from excess sun exposure. Recently I’ve found that my hair has lacked that lustrous shine that healthy hair has. As I only have shoulder length hair it is in a good condition but I want my hair to have a shiny glow. After searching boots for shine related hair mask one that struck me was Pantene PROV’s 2min deep shine masque. I don't usually buy Pantene PROV products for my hair normally as I prefer to go with other brands that I have used for years however I thought I would give it a go. The packaging wasn’t exactly eye-catching but I don’t like to judge a product by its packaging as I am often fooled by a pretty exterior and left with a product that lets me down.

The Verdict - Thankfully I was right as this product has been an absolute hair saver! Applying this product I found that I didn't love the smell but it wasn't offensive it just didn't have a strong scent. After washing it out, the product left my hair feeling incredibly smooth and glossy. Another great thing about this product is that it only takes two minutes and this is extremely helpful as most mornings I am in a rush but still want to give my hair the care it deserves. Overall, I really like this product and would definitely buy it again. The cherry on top of the cake? It retails at £4.69 so it's not going to be breaking any piggy banks.

Goodbye summer hair, hello shiny locks.

Faith x


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